Tuesday, July 13, 2010

kawaii pickel-chan ♥

hey everyone ♥
how are you??

I going to bleach my hair today! >_<
actually my sister will bleach my hair xD

I'm so excited and afraid!
I hope it will work out good! 
I want a light brown color but my hair is still pretty red Dx
so I think it will turn out orange xD
but we will see....

ah I tried a rainbow make up:

what do you think? : D


  1. 8D Looks wonderful~!
    Good luck with the bleaching.

  2. sieht sehr schön aus! :3

    & ich muss sagen, deine playlist gefällt mir ;D

  3. Your makeup looks great o(^-^)o

    Anyway thanks for the
    birthday wish~~ (*^-^)/

    Love you!! (^3^) *laughs*

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