Sunday, March 27, 2011

★ twice as nice ★ [double the trouble ~ double the fun]

hello my dearest old & new follower  

time is running and I didn't
post for such a long time now  

but finally I wanna write something about the
bookfair in leipzig  


Mio and I decided to twin
(she borrowed me so many of
her clothes (;_;) thank u again )

yeah and this is how we looked like:

picture taken by mimi and edited by mio

picture taken by a girl I duno edited by me

taken by mimi edited by mio

and some photos with friends:

taken by yuu

taken by yuu


and here is the best picture ever:

 taken by mimi edited by mio

and now some with mimi :

  and one with misa:

and last but not least one 
of my sister:

taken by caro 
I could  post so much more pictures
but I think that are enough  

I had an awesome day 
thanks to mio & mimi 
you're both such sweethearts  

maybe I'll do an entry with
some other "normal" pictures of
my last weeks or not xDD

you'll see~
have a nice weekend my lovelies  


Monday, March 7, 2011

eurovision songcontest 2011 stolen MUCC song

random entry because:


Thursday, March 3, 2011

new design ♪



maybe you already noticed my
new layout? 

of course my sister made it  

what else?
next week me and my sister
will visit the girugämesh concert
in berlin  
and I'll finally see mimi again   

yeah...I don't know what to write 

I tried this some days ago...
these are my celeb doubles  
I don't see any similarities but ok... 

ok~ good night everybody