Thursday, July 1, 2010


long time no see /D

hello everybody!! ♥
how are you??

I think the weather is trying to kill me Dx
it's to hot !!

how should I start today?
last week I was at my parents place!
I had a lot of fun :D
we watched football together~
went to hagenow ( a little city there my mum works)
and visit the "altstadtfest"
I fished ducks xD
(Is there another word for it? @@;;)
well I wasn't good xDD
but I've won this:

fairytale princess ponys xD
and I rode the ferris wheel with my little brother
and two friends ♥
it was fun ! ♪

the other day we went to the wonnemar * o *
thats a  swimmingpool in wismar !
that was fun too ♪♪

on monday I went back home again~
and I saw that my mucc single finally arrived!! *//u//* ♥


the CD ♪

the DVD ♪ (sadly just 15 minutes)

and here some photos of my new stuff :

 (creepy picture Dx)

the jacket and the dotted top~
I'm in love with dots :D

floral tights ♥

thats it!!
 see ya ♪♪♪


  1. Alter, ich liebe deinen Blazer ; 0000 ;
    (und die Stumpfhose ♥)

    Bzwwwwwww: P&P SIND DA!
    Was hab ich mich gefreut als ichs aufgemacht habe! Es ist einfach wundervoll! Ich werde mich heute schonmal ans anmalen machen und dann wirds hoffentlich schnell fertig sein <3
    Und danke auch für das Geschenk zu unserem 14. Geburtstag xD
    Unglaublich niedlich ♥