Friday, July 30, 2010

ムック ガチャピン ♪♪♪

 hey ♪

yesterday I went to hamburg with my sister :D

we had a lot of fun and I bought

sososo cute!! ; 0 ; 
mukku&gachapin x hello kitty!!!
I love this edition!♥
I also have a cellphonesstrap with them!
want more&more&more mwahaha ♪

and I bought the next novel from elizabeth george! ♥
I love her books so much!! 
who is your favorite author?
have you ever read something from elizabeth george?

naah I'm bored...
read you soon! ♥

todays outfit:

~ o ~ ;;

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

because I'm lazy Dx


OMG it's been a while, right?
I'm so lazy at the moment...sorry! >_<

so this entry is going to be a big picspam xD
let's start with the decora meet up in hamburg:

 my outfit :D

 yuna /DD

 misa, mi and yuna :D

my little, dead friends ;_;

 misa, mio and I ♪

haha misa xD

I had a lot of fun this day xDDD

another day with my sister ♥


oh and we (my sister, one of her classmates
and I) went to a chinese/japanese restaurant~

pilante sauce! xD
(it's a misspelling)

yesterday we met mio and mimi in hamburg ♥
it was nice ♪♪
yummy ♪♪

on the 26th july was miyas birthday ♥

Monday, July 19, 2010


hey my dears ♥
what's up??

I'm so happy right now!
tomorrow there will be a little
decora meet up in hamburg!
and I will meet some nice people ♥ YAY!!

ah and look what I saw today:

mucci ice cream
the name is love!! hehe
excuse my fangirly moments
I'm a dork!!

so that's it for today~
see ya soon! ☆

Friday, July 16, 2010

昔子供だった人達へ ♪

hey hey :DD

I'm so bored...
what are you doing right now?

anyone twitter?
add me ---> here ♥ <---

today I took some pictures..
just because I was soooo bored..Dx
my boss called me and said that 
I don't have to work today...
so I was even more bored  DDx

lalala ♪

now I'm gonna make a deep conditioner ♥
see ya :3

Thursday, July 15, 2010


hello ♪

today I wanna show you my new haircolor!

  my hair before! >_<

after bleaching Dx
looks still so red and pink ;_;
altough I bleached it with 12% hydrogen peroxide!
I was so afraid...

after dyeing with a goldbrown color:

but I'm happy with it ♥
sadly my hair is really damaged now >_<

so bai bai~
see ya soon!

ps: listen to this---> ♪♪ 
I can't stop listening

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

kawaii pickel-chan ♥

hey everyone ♥
how are you??

I going to bleach my hair today! >_<
actually my sister will bleach my hair xD

I'm so excited and afraid!
I hope it will work out good! 
I want a light brown color but my hair is still pretty red Dx
so I think it will turn out orange xD
but we will see....

ah I tried a rainbow make up:

what do you think? : D

Monday, July 12, 2010


hey guys ♪

I'm back home again * o *
and first I wanna thank you for over 50 followers ♥
thank you soo much ; O ; ♥

today I realised that someone 
I know I've known for
a long time fellt in love with me...

everytime this happens I feel bad...
I simply hate that...
I want nobody to fell in love with me!

this is really hard...

Thursday, July 8, 2010


good morning~

this entry will be very short
because I'm already late >_<;;;

my new stuff (I bought yesterday then I was shopping with
my sister)

so thats it!
not as much as expected, huh? xD
but I have to save up my money~
that's really hard for me ;__;

ah and rose pierces I bought some time ago

I'm off now to my parents place~~
I will be back on sunday evening or maybe monday ♪

see ya!!

ah and from this month on I have a visit counter~
thank you vor so many clicks ;_;  ♥

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I DID IT !! O(≧▽≦)O

I passed my oral exam today!!!!
I'm so so so so so happy!!! ☆

so my apprenticeship ended today ♪♪
It was a very, very nice time that I'll never forget!

and now I'll tell you what I did
the last days ♥

my sister & I cooked * o *

 looks disgusting? xD
but it was very delicious ♥

aaand at the weekend I went to 
a summer festival~
it was so boring! there was nothing!!
but I met some old classmates ~☆
and won this cute stuffed animal:

it looks like it's going to rain~
(I like rain ♪
especially I like the sound of rain ♪♪♫)
therefore it's coolish outside...I'm so happy
about that!
and my hamster seems to be happy, too!
she's really active at the moment :D

cutie ♥

well that's it for today~
see ya soon! ♪