Monday, November 29, 2010

two hearts that beat as one ♪

hello ♥

today I wanna show you this:

click for a larger view ♥

on the left side is PINKU
mio's OC ♥
and on the right side is PLUNGE
my OC ♥

we both made a sketch of our
characters and I inked it
mio did the coloration ♥

so she did the main part!!
and she's so talented  ´∀`●)ノ
oh my ~ 
I'm so so so happy with this picture (ノω`●)
our two little baby boys ♪
doesn't PLUNGE
look like the real man?
and PINKU like a super cute little
girly boy? haha
ok..ignore me...

this picture is going to be my
mobile phone backround forever ♥

uuh I'm tired...
bed NOW!

bye bye ♪♫

btw: We started this
collab around one year ago xD

@ ROLE: ja habe ich :D danke ♥

Sunday, November 28, 2010

HEY! ich stech dich gleich mit meinem stachelband ♪

I'm back ♪

and I had a super nice time with
my beloved ones ♥

as I said we started our tour
on friday evening ~(*´▽`*)

we arrived in bochum 
at (I'm not sure) 1am!?
then we 
listened to some old
anime openings and watched 
sailor moon ☆彡
and at ~4 am we slept finally
at saturday we woke up
around 9 am Σ(・ω・ノ)ノ
at 1 pm we left tao's place ♥

we went to the local christmas market
and shopping ♪

tinschi and shaina bought
cute gingerbread hearts ♥

shaina•tinschi credits @ tinschis blog ♥

and we tried out some 
funny headwear \(^。^ )

tinschi ♥

shai ♥

me• tao ♥

yeah we went eating at 
"shanghai" again XD
maybe you remember?
I mentioned it in another entry ェ・)ジ



shai•tao (I hope they won't kill me for uploading this picture)
later we went to the main station
to meet up with anna-lena ♪
and afterwards we finally went to the
where the concert was held ♪♪♪

 die 60 ersten ♥

the concert was great ♥
here is the setlist:
1. loveless
2. dejavu
3. slave
4. end of sorrow
5. true blue
6. face to face
7. gravity
8. ra-se-n
9. providence
10. genisis of mind
11. fate
12. storm
13. desire
14. time is dead
15. rosier
16. tonight
17. I for you
18. precious
21. wish
encore II:
22. -se- mother
23. -se- precious

we wore snap light bracelets ♥
we left the hall around 10 pm 
shaina met a friend from france ♪
I don't remember her name (○゚ε゚○) *drop

 we went back to tao's flat
and played "tekken" (*゚д゚*)♡

 so the day ended with tekken
and the next morning started with tekken XD

  now my thumb hurts (ノ´‐`ヽ)
but I wanna play again and
again and again ♥

at least some other pictures:

 tinschi•shaina so cute ♥

so that's it! I could write so much more
but I have to learn...*don't want to*

see you soon ☆☆☆

Friday, November 26, 2010

today ==> TAO ♥

good morning ♪

today is the day !! (° O °)9

I'm already excited ♥
but first I have to go to school...D:

btw. I have a new
mobile phone ♪
it will take
some time to send everyone my new

when I'm back I'll
post a lot of pictures from our trip :D

bye bye for now ♥

@arina: danke (* o *) ♪

@miyu: haha *blush* danke 
ja, das hoffe ich auch (; o ;)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

fuuuuuuuuuuuuu snow snow snow

SORRY!!! ( > _ < );
I didn't post for ages I think...

but I'm very stressed at the moment

first because of school...
so much homework and I'm getting insane because of 
maths...(why? just WHY?!)

but I have some really lovely and
funny classmates so I also have a lot 
of fun ♥

this is a picture of my classroom~
(it's lunchbreak I think...)


steffis back after our
little beautification ♥ xD

the second reason is my work~
I think it's fun but it's also pretty tiring..*sigh

 in my working clothes ♪

my sister is in the hospital I try to visit her as often as
I hope she'll be released soon ...

 what else?
I made this ring some days? weeks? months? (@_@)

aaand today we had the first snow~ (° _ °)
totally don't like winter!

I'm so excited ♥
on friday we (shaina♥tinschi♥ and I)
will visit tao ♥
and on saturday we will see
luna sea live ♪♪♪

so thats it for now ♪♫
bye bye (° A °)9 ♥

Sunday, November 7, 2010

blah blah blah

fuah ♪ ヾ(@°▽°@)ノ

now I'm just posting
because I'm bored
and I don't wanna let
you guys wait to long for 
an update...

so here we go:

uhh I wanted to post make up
I used at this picture but now I realised
that I don't have any xD
and because it's almost 2 am
and I feel like sleeping right now 
I don't take any...
I'm so sorry *drop*(´。_。`)

It was yukkes birthday on the
5. 11 ♥

I now I'm late as always haha...
good night ♥

@wöngö: ich hoffe, du liest das jetzt noch~
am montag könnten wir uns sehen!
da bin ich eh so um 1 in der stadt~
wie wäre es mit 13.15 Uhr am marienplatz vor H&M?

@emiko: haha hello ♪ I like karasu very much ♥
and isn't it because tatsurou knows everybody? XD

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

free ♫♪♫♪

hey hey ♥

it's been a while!
I'm sorry (≧△≦)イ

I really want to write but
I simply don't know
about what *drop*

so today I just
want to post the
new karasu pv:

so thats it!

bye bye ♥

@pui: nein sie gehört meiner
vermieterin (*_*) sie sieht aus wie garfield XD

@wöngö:cool! bist du jede woche da?

@moony: danke ♥