Saturday, April 30, 2011



I'm kinda in hurry right なう
because I have to get the train > o <);;

I want to show you my mintymix wig
that I odered on the 17th january
It arrived me two weeks ago

and here are some pictures of me wearing it :

ok bye bye

Friday, April 29, 2011

恋心 ~


what's up?  

I just want to post some pictures
from last friday when I met 
pui & tao  

haha I had a lot of fun  

sadly tao is back in bochum and pui
in hamburg ; o ;)

I hope you're enjoying the good weather too

see you  

ps: pui gave me some nice music from jolin tsai 
if you don't know her u should check her music ♪

 @ tsu: thank u ♥
@yuki: danke ; 0 ;) lieb von dir ♥♥♥
@haru: oh thank you * o *)
@shai: danke, herzilein ♥
@misa: ich glaube ja nicht...aber 
trotzdem danke♥
 @sarah: hellow ♪ thank you so
much for following ♥♥♥

Thursday, April 21, 2011

dreamy dollhouse [fail]

yesterday my sister and I decided to
take some photos  
my sister said I should wear my dreamy dollhouse op
and so I wore the ugliest combination ever  
here we go  

my internet is very slow at the moment
and that's very annoying

see you soon my
lovely ones

Thursday, April 14, 2011

still can't belive it (° O °)

long time no see again  

but only tomorrow left and then 
my holidays will start  

what I actually wanted to tell/ show you
this morning when I wanted 
to leave my flat I saw 
a package from my lovely
dear MIO ♥ 

this cute drawing was on it:

plunge x pinku *///A///*)9
so cute  

yeah and I was curious what 
could be in there so I opened it
and this came out:

(✧ □ ✧)  
I still can't belive you gave this to me  
thank you so so so much (@ ◡ @) 9 

and I don't want to deprive this from you:

I laughed so hard ´ ∀ `) kekeke~ 

yay see you soon   [I hope so ]