Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I DID IT !! O(≧▽≦)O

I passed my oral exam today!!!!
I'm so so so so so happy!!! ☆

so my apprenticeship ended today ♪♪
It was a very, very nice time that I'll never forget!

and now I'll tell you what I did
the last days ♥

my sister & I cooked * o *

 looks disgusting? xD
but it was very delicious ♥

aaand at the weekend I went to 
a summer festival~
it was so boring! there was nothing!!
but I met some old classmates ~☆
and won this cute stuffed animal:

it looks like it's going to rain~
(I like rain ♪
especially I like the sound of rain ♪♪♫)
therefore it's coolish outside...I'm so happy
about that!
and my hamster seems to be happy, too!
she's really active at the moment :D

cutie ♥

well that's it for today~
see ya soon! ♪