Saturday, June 16, 2012

tutorial something xD

hello ♪

somehow blogspot hates me...
It wouldn't let me post until I installed  google chrome  D:
wtf is this?

anyways thank you for your comments for my last entry !
I made a video dressing up that day and
now I edited it ( very poorly)

since my camera switched off all the time there are some
parts missing >_<)

also I think the explanation is far too slow @_@)

I hope you like it nethertheless ♥
If you have any questions or suggestions
don't hesitate to ask/ tell me ~

so here we go:


Sunday, June 10, 2012





mi said brake so I do! 

today I was kawaii-chan and mi called and
said she want kawaii-chan too!  

so she came to my flat and we both kawaii-chan!  

and very much photos!

here you see:

two handycap peoples   

now just mi:

and I-chan:

click to enlarge  

sorry for the bad english...just having fun.... 

see you soon ♪


Saturday, June 9, 2012

MUCC DAY - 15th anniversary ♪


happy MUCC day to everyone

Mi and I decided to do something "special" so
we bought eatable plasticine

 you get 4 different colors 

red,blue,green and yellow  

you have to mix 15 ml water into every powder and
mix it until it has the consistence of plasticine !

it feels a little bit disgusting  

and when you're ready it looks like this:

now you can start or mix the colors to get
more options   

sato not really ready (haha)

tatsu as jesus....  

tatsu and yukke almost ready ♥

robert miya and satochi

and here are some things we formed because we
had so much plasticine left...

it has to be in the oven for 15 minutes  

and here is the result:





tatsu even has tip dye 

MI made tatsurou and yukke and I
miya and sato  

all photos were also made by MI

I hope you have a nice MUCCday ♥♥♥