Monday, October 22, 2012

MIAU - H.[oliday] I.[nstant] V.[isual] part II



as I promised I want to write about
the second member of H.I.V.
our keyboarder

name: willy wonka
age: 12
date of birth: 28 march
zodiac sign: aries
chinese zodiac sign: dog
 height: 1,69m
hobbies: compose new songs for h.i.v., 
invent delicious chocolate, spread love~
favourite color: minty-light-blue-blah

oh my gosh I have to wake up at 3.30am and it's
almost 9pm at the moment and I'm not tired...not at all....

well I'll try to get some sleep ♪

bye bye

Sunday, October 21, 2012

H.[oliday] I.[nstant] V.[isual]



work takes up almost all my time  
my last post was in august... 
time flies !

well I didn't really wrote anything about my hair color change .
my sister is a trainee at a hair salon and I decided 
to take part as a hair model in an elumen seminar.
worst decision ever.

I wanted a really dark red...
ok my hair was dark..but not really red...
take a look:

at first I really liked it even though it wasn't the right 
color but it soon started to get patchy...I felt very uneasy... 
yeah so I bleached my hair again...
and for a month I had really orange hair ( that was horrible, too!)

and after another visit at the hair salon I look like this:

almost like I looked before I had that super brillant idea to
dye my hair...yeah... 

well as you can image from the title of this post 
I want to write about my super cool band
♥ Holiday Instant Visual ♥
but since we have 8 member I will split 
this and make a post about every single member!  

today I will start with our singer DIRTINE

name: ine
age: 25
date of birth: 14 november
zodiac sign: scorpio
chinese zodiac sign: tiger
 height: 1,71m
hobbies: morning musume !
being a nerd
favourite color: purple

so that's our talented singer and songwriter dirtine  

I will post abot MIAU in my next entry  

bye bye

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

FLAO pictures, pictures & more pictures !



how are you?
it's been a while...again... 

but I'm busy hanging out with my friends !
also my best friend TAO is in schwerin for a few weeks now  

the title is a mixture of our nicknames because some
people keep mistaking them...
so it happened that somebody talked to me and said:
"yeah I saw flau there in a penguin costume"
and I was like "what? I'm right infront of you?!@@"

and what else can I tell you?
oh I'll start working at our local H&M soon! YEAH
I'm kinda nervous but I'll do my best  

and what I actually wanted to show you are
some pictures of me and tao dressed up in fairy kei  
(haha you can't imagine how much he complained about this...)haha

well lets start with pictures of my super lovely pink bear (lol)

click on the pictures to enlarge them

yeah and some time later somthing joined our pictures... 

good(?) old faxe beer...yeah...
oh and somehow the lightining conditions changed on some pictures
and gave them a somewhat nostalgic feeling:

and here is a picture I just had to share with you!!

taos cute, little, hairy scut hihi  

sooo aaand some pictures of me:

and even more pictures   

and these are some pictures where you can see me forcing tao
to sit down to take some ganster pictures... 


and this one accrued then some really big ants were trying
to climb onto me... 

so scary...

and another nostalgic looking picture:

well that was everything for today and it was a lot, wasn't it?
and isn't tao a cutie?   


and a big thank you belongs to my little SISTER who took
all the pictures ! thanks again! ♥