Tuesday, August 31, 2010

headache (。>_<。)9

hello my dears ♪

I'm tired and very happy right now!

tired because school started!
yeah~ today was my second day~
my new class seems to be very nice!
I didn't talked to everyone yet...but I will! xD

and happy because:
today is the first day without headache...ö_ö
I had headache everyday for a week Dx
I was really stressed and had so much
worries (I still have some but that's nothing I
wanna talk about)~
yeah and my sister just told me
that she found a job for me!!*-*

tomorrow I'll have a 
job interview *nervous*

please!! I really need this job!
really, really, really!!

some pictures 
from the last weeks xD

a holder for my pierces!!
MONKEY!!!! * O * ♥
I got it from a really close friend ♥
I love u! and I miss you so much ;_;

I found this while cleaning 
my living room xD
I almost forget about it...
yukke ♥
  haha with my little sister ♥

ah and I finally registered at
the libary!

I think thats it for now!
see you soon ♥

nooo ich bin nicht bei despa ;_;
kein geld und keine lust auf dieses gedränge und bah Dx
aber wenn mucc (hoffentlich bald) kommen
sehen wir uns, nciht wahr? ♪♪♪

Monday, August 23, 2010

flohmexx & stuff : D

hello ♪

first of all I wanna reply to your lovely 
comments ♥
I decided to reply them in my new entries 
from now on ^-^

@ jacqueline: danke ; o ; ♥
ich mochte das mit pink auch
am liebsten..>_<

@yuki: danke ♥

@ yami chu: danke, danke ♥
ich bin froh, das dus geschafft hast!
auch wenn ich dir nicht sonderlich 
helfen konnte Dx

@ mio: ja..das rot...ich mochte
es auch i-wie aber argh...

@ king: thank you so much! ♥
yes I really miss my pink hair..
but it's hard  to find a job
when your hair is pink ;_;

@ wöngö:
 danke ♥ 
wir sehen uns hoffentlich
mal wieder :D 
das kommt immer so
überraschend xD


aww my dear ♥
thank you so much!

well ~
yesterday was "flohmexx" (thats a flea market for 
anime, manga and stuff from japan)
my sister and I went to sell some
stuff ! : D

and It was a big success! ♥
I bought this:

a shoxx from 2004 xD
and a care bear pendant ♥ 
cheer bear ♪♪♪

I'll call my dress up
"lazy sunday look" xD
and my sister wore my kigurumi :3

haha /DD

and it was JACK IN THE BOX
and TATSUROUS birthday ♪♫
aaaand a preview from the new
mucc single "falling down" came out
take a look--> ♪♪♪<--

I think thats it for today~
I hope I can update more
often  > o < ;;

See you ♪

Saturday, August 14, 2010


hello my lovely ones ♥

it's been a while...again >_<
I'm really sorry!
but I'm at my sisters flat and 
we chill out the whole day and I'm simply to 
lazy to write my blog
but today my sister is on
a birthdayparty and I'm sitting here alone...

and I still don't know what to write~
so I will just post some piczures from my haircolors
this year ~
I should stop dying them DX!!


pink and dark lilac


just dark lilac


red ~




blond? ginger??

at the moment~
it's the light brown I wanted ♥
sorry for this creepy picture Dx
what do you think?
which haircolor suits me the best?

I have to say goodbye now!
write some applications for
another side job D;

see you ♥♥♥

Monday, August 9, 2010


hello my dears ♪♪♪

I'm at my flat right now so I have the 
time to make a new entry...
I know it's been a while...>_< sry!

I don't know how I should begin...Dx
so many things happened !

TAO♥ is here!
that's the best thing!!! * o *

we visited hambrug one day
and made some nice puris ♪♪♪


yeah and the rest of the week we
mostly drank and chilled out :D

tongue :3


me & my sister watched a korean
drama named "iris"

it was really, really good!
but the end was so sad ;_;

If you have to much time  you should
watch it! xD

I think that was everything for today!
I don't have much time now..>_< sorry!!

see ya! ♥

ps: tao~ falls du das liest und lust hast
morgen was zu machen schreib mir hier einfach n 
kommentar! ♥