Friday, May 27, 2011

colourful tote bag ♪


I'm done  
exams are finally over ~
today I wrote my last in education 
it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be 
yeah and today I wanna show
you a tote bag I made 
this was after the first step 

still not ready ~
and here are some pictures of the details

yeah and myself posturing (yeah kinda stupid )
in our classroom

taken by cindy ♥ 

I'll post soon again
@ mutsumi: dankeschön ♥
@milktea: danke ♪ ja probiers auf jeden!
das ist lecker ♥
@misa: danke ♥
@shaina: danke ♥ das ist energy drink :D
der ist voll cool ♪ (ausserdem 
haben mucc dafür werbung gemacht /D)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

little post to let you know I'm still alive ° o °)


how are you??  
I'm kinda tired...
only one week left until I'll have
my exams...and I did nothing so far  
I also have to write an  psychology skilled work

 this helps me to stay alive  

I love the green, black, purple and red one!  
you should try them  

yeah and I made a ring some time ago:

ice cream  

ok that's it for now~
I'll post again after my exams  

bye bye