Monday, January 23, 2012

let’s turn today and tomorrow into memories (´ε`*) (○´3`)ノ


here I am again

as I told you in my last entry my sister and
I wanted to take pictures!
and yesterday we did so ~

now I wanna show you the results..
or at least some pictures  
here we go: 


and now some of us together:

and here are some of my lovely little sister  

so many pictures...

see you soon my dears   

Thursday, January 19, 2012

見上げた空に 今何を思う?

here I am again

today I just want to post some pictures~
I took them some days ago

I wish the weather would be better so I could
take pictures outside
but next week my sister and I want to take some
no matter what

so here we go:


that's it

yome days ago I lost one of my green lenses
but gladly I ordered some blue ones 2 weeks ago

I hope they'll arrive soon

see you soon

@hella: waaas?? WANN? WO??°__°)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

mucc chemical parade dvd + arcadia ♪

it's been a while

A lot of things happened and it was really hard for me...
but since I'm an optimist I think everything will be better soon

today I wanna show you the mucc dvd and single I bought last

the single contains the cd
01.アルカディア(arcadia) featuring DAISHI DANCE

and a dvd with the arcadia pv which is awesome

you can buy it here ♥  

the chemical parade dvd contains
a little photobook and 2 dvds

Disc 1
01. Chemical Parade
02. フォーリングダウン -falling down
03. 零色 -zeroshiki
04. ケミカルパレードブルーデイ -chemical parade blueday
05. ファズ - fuzz
06. A.
07. サーカス -circus
08. 堕落 -daraku
09. アゲハ -ageha
10. アイアムコンピュータ - I am computer
11. ポラリス -polaris
12. 羽 -hane
13. 約束 -yakusoku
14. 名も無き夢 -namonaki yume
15. 咆哮 -howling
16. ライオン -lion

Disc 2
01. 大嫌い -daikirai
02. 蘭鋳 -ranchuu
03. フリージア -freesia
04. 暁

MUCC Tour 2010 "Chemical Parade"
MUCC Tour 2011 "Chemical Parade" in EURO & ASIA
Tour "Chemical Parade" FINAL in Nippon Budokan

I'm really in love

here are some pictures from the photobook





this is my favourite picture:

I'll post tomorrow again