Thursday, July 8, 2010


good morning~

this entry will be very short
because I'm already late >_<;;;

my new stuff (I bought yesterday then I was shopping with
my sister)

so thats it!
not as much as expected, huh? xD
but I have to save up my money~
that's really hard for me ;__;

ah and rose pierces I bought some time ago

I'm off now to my parents place~~
I will be back on sunday evening or maybe monday ♪

see ya!!

ah and from this month on I have a visit counter~
thank you vor so many clicks ;_;  ♥


  1. Ah! Die Unterhosen sind liiiebe *O*
    Ich hab letztens meine Schwester gezwungen, diese zu kaufen xD
    Und der Rosaohrstecker ist total süss♥
    Sach mal o-o Woher hast du die tollen Ribbons? xD

  2. die schleifen sind h&m kinder oder :D?
    die ham immer schicke sachn x3
    und tolle neue haarfarbe :D