Monday, October 22, 2012

MIAU - H.[oliday] I.[nstant] V.[isual] part II



as I promised I want to write about
the second member of H.I.V.
our keyboarder

name: willy wonka
age: 12
date of birth: 28 march
zodiac sign: aries
chinese zodiac sign: dog
 height: 1,69m
hobbies: compose new songs for h.i.v., 
invent delicious chocolate, spread love~
favourite color: minty-light-blue-blah

oh my gosh I have to wake up at 3.30am and it's
almost 9pm at the moment and I'm not tired...not at all....

well I'll try to get some sleep ♪

bye bye

Sunday, October 21, 2012

H.[oliday] I.[nstant] V.[isual]



work takes up almost all my time  
my last post was in august... 
time flies !

well I didn't really wrote anything about my hair color change .
my sister is a trainee at a hair salon and I decided 
to take part as a hair model in an elumen seminar.
worst decision ever.

I wanted a really dark red...
ok my hair was dark..but not really red...
take a look:

at first I really liked it even though it wasn't the right 
color but it soon started to get patchy...I felt very uneasy... 
yeah so I bleached my hair again...
and for a month I had really orange hair ( that was horrible, too!)

and after another visit at the hair salon I look like this:

almost like I looked before I had that super brillant idea to
dye my hair...yeah... 

well as you can image from the title of this post 
I want to write about my super cool band
♥ Holiday Instant Visual ♥
but since we have 8 member I will split 
this and make a post about every single member!  

today I will start with our singer DIRTINE

name: ine
age: 25
date of birth: 14 november
zodiac sign: scorpio
chinese zodiac sign: tiger
 height: 1,71m
hobbies: morning musume !
being a nerd
favourite color: purple

so that's our talented singer and songwriter dirtine  

I will post abot MIAU in my next entry  

bye bye