Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I'm back ♥



I'm back   
I had a nice time in lolland (I'll write an 
entry about that another time)

today I want to write about 
our (Mi's and mine) trip to berlin in june (?)
haha...I don't remember if it was really in june... 
anyways mi and I went to berlin for 4 days.

we stayed at warus place  
(thank you, again)

mi had to visit different seminars so
waru and I had enough time to watch mucc dvd's and 
funny tutorials on yt  

when mi was with us we mostly went to the alexander platz
and visited different stores  

there was also a stage with popular characters for kids:

(ahaha now I remember it was the 1st june...
kindertag or day of kids in germany)
here are some other pictures:

ice cream mi and I shared  
the black one was with red beans I really liked
it but mi said it was really not her thing.

a mochi with taro and a cute korean drink  

beer and fritz limo from mi (waru in the background)


(waru is so tiny...I'm more than 20cm taller than her)

waru and me in the back and mi in the front 

one day we also met mimi and went to play billard but
we didn't take any pictures   

almost every picture was taken by MI
thank you  

I think this was everything about berlin I hope it wasn't too boring
for you

now there's a little german part
bcause I got a favourite blog award from momo and
have to answer her questions

Die Regeln: 
1. Jede Person muss 11 Dinge über sich selbst posten. 
 2. Beantworte die Fragen die dein Tagger gestellt hat und stelle 11 Fragen für diejenigen, die du getaggt hast.
3. suche 11 leute aus und verlinke diese in deinem post
4. benachrichte sie aufihren blogs.
5. keine tags zurück !

11 dinge über mich:

1. ich bin sehr groß
2. am sonntag renne ich meistens
den ganzen tag im schlafzeug rum
3. ich bin chaotisch
4. meine lieblingstiere sind
kleine pandas uns katzen
5. mit 12 habe ich einen schreklich
peinlichen naruto douji gezeichnet xD
6. ich habe nur ein einziges mal an
einer zigarette gezogen (als ich sehr betrunken war XD)
7. als ich klein war wollte ich tierärztin werden
8.  nach dem duschen heute sah ich aus wie batman xD
9. ich bin in einer band die holiday instant visual heißt
10. ich sage öfter mal das ich petra pan bin ...
11. ich bin ein ziemlich schlimmes mucc fangirl //D

momos fragen:

1. weinst du bei filmen schnell?  
 früher nie..heute ja xD

2. wer hat dich zu deinem stil gebracht?
 eigentlich niemand bestimmtes.

3. stwar wars oder herr der ringe? (beides gilt nicht! >:D)
 herr der ringe² aber sowas von !

4. kannst du gut massieren?
 ich glaube nicht xD

5. was ist dein lieblingsmanga?
 das ist echt schwer...><) ich kann mich nicht entscheiden...
aber ich liebe die kurzgeschichte am ende von tag x von setona mizushiro.

6. und deine lieblingsband? :D
 MUCC ♥♥♥

7. rosa zuckerwatte oder eis?
 eis *//u//*)

8. magst du horrofilme & so zeug mit zombies? O.O
 hm kommt drauf an...
ich mag horrorfilme mit story.
aber mein lieblingsgenre ist das sicher nicht xD

9. was ist dein lieblingsessen?
 pfannkuchen ♥

10. wie alt warst du bei deinem ersten anime?
vermutlich so 2 als ich heidi geguckt habe /D

11. wie viele rosa ketten, taschen und armbänder hast du? >:D (jaaaaaaa, ich will die ECHTE anzahl 
 sorry, aber ich bin ehrlich zu faul das zu zählen xD
schon allein wegen den gazen spangen aus
meiner decora zeit haha

ich werde allerdings niemanden selbst taggen, sorry ^-^);;

bye bye

Thursday, July 19, 2012

ASSIPINK[with inebiene]



how have you been?
this week was kinda weird...
at monday I got a call from work saying
that the shop, I usually work in had burned !

that was really shocking!
It will take 4 - 6 weeks to fix it  
until that time I have to work in another store of
our company !

but next week I will be on holiday
me and my family will go to lolland which is an danish isle

but that's not what I want to show you today !
I want to show you some pictures me & my friend INE
took for the Holiday Instant Visual (which is our band) subunit 

well my H.I.V. name is ThinkPink but my
ASSIPINK name is ASSIBLAU (blau is the
colour blue in german and I'm the blue one because it
rhymes with flau XD)


it was the first time for ine to dress up in fairy kei clothing...
I think she liked it a lot.

here are some pictures of ine:

and here are some of myself ( not many because
Ine was kinda blind without her glasses XD):

I wore my new ACDCrag skirt I bought from a friend ♥

and here are some pictures of ine and me :

that's all for today  
see you again after my holidays


oh I almost forgot to thank you (whoever made these) for
the valentines I got
really thank you so much !


Sunday, July 8, 2012

cham cham bear ♪ [picture heavy]

how are you?
it's been a while... 
this week on monday my lovely friend from bremen mio
visited me  
we had an awesome time but I'll write an entry
about that another time  
today I wanna show you my new friend:
I wanted this one so long  

here are some more pictures:

 you can use the skirt as a scrunchie  
here's a picture with chammie and the monchichi I got from
my sister:

 aww I love monchichis so much !

I found this giant monchichi in a toy store in bochum!
it was so expensive and huge !
here's a picture to show you how huge it was:
the peron next to the monchichi is my lovely taoboy and 
he's almost 1,90m ! 

haha and I know she'll hate me for writing this but
doesn't mi look like an monchichi?

hihi now I have to be prepared cause she's gonna kill me...
anyways I have some new pictures to show you  
here we go:

that's it for today  
have a nice time ~