Thursday, April 14, 2011

still can't belive it (° O °)

long time no see again  

but only tomorrow left and then 
my holidays will start  

what I actually wanted to tell/ show you
this morning when I wanted 
to leave my flat I saw 
a package from my lovely
dear MIO ♥ 

this cute drawing was on it:

plunge x pinku *///A///*)9
so cute  

yeah and I was curious what 
could be in there so I opened it
and this came out:

(✧ □ ✧)  
I still can't belive you gave this to me  
thank you so so so much (@ ◡ @) 9 

and I don't want to deprive this from you:

I laughed so hard ´ ∀ `) kekeke~ 

yay see you soon   [I hope so ]


  1. Der Zeichenstil auf dem Umschlag is ja super ôô♥

  2. .. ja, mio zeichnet hammer !!
    haha mir wurde gerade gesagt, absendername etc hättn von mir sein können 8B WURST <3<3<3