Friday, April 29, 2011

恋心 ~


what's up?  

I just want to post some pictures
from last friday when I met 
pui & tao  

haha I had a lot of fun  

sadly tao is back in bochum and pui
in hamburg ; o ;)

I hope you're enjoying the good weather too

see you  

ps: pui gave me some nice music from jolin tsai 
if you don't know her u should check her music ♪

 @ tsu: thank u ♥
@yuki: danke ; 0 ;) lieb von dir ♥♥♥
@haru: oh thank you * o *)
@shai: danke, herzilein ♥
@misa: ich glaube ja nicht...aber 
trotzdem danke♥
 @sarah: hellow ♪ thank you so
much for following ♥♥♥


  1. die kirschblüten waren so hübsch *____*
    wie war es bei pommi?

    schickst du mir deine bilder?