Friday, October 22, 2010

wuuuh (~ o ~)9

hello, hello ♪

here I am again ~

uff yeah I know...I said that
I would blog more often but I'm to..busy?!(@__@)

yesterday I went working, today I
had my extra math lessons D:
hate that shit...

and tomorrow work again haha
sounds good?!

and then my holiday will be
almost over again (;_;) *sigh*

buuut yesterday I was so
so happy!
because it seems like MUCC will
come to germany in january! ♥ (* o *)
karma live!!! ♪♪♪

can't wait!♫

20.01 munich
22.01 bochum

weeeh ~
boring entry...sorry D:

now I'll chill out with my sister~
 bye bye ♥

1 comment:

  1. I'm so busy too Q___Q
    uni hat gerade erst angefangen und schon musste ich komische texte lesen und tausend vokabeln lernen.

    ich freu mich so für dich dass mucc bald wieder hier sind!! XD