Monday, October 25, 2010

falling down, growing up ♪

hey hey~

today I had school again (TTωTT)...
it was kinda boring although I only had
3 lessons xD

but I was happy to see some
of my classmates again ♫

I got this from loreen:

isn't it cute?!

susan said it looks like me xD
but I think it looks like
our new cat ♥

he's so cute and his fur is so soft (●>v<●)9

what else?
yesterday I (actually my sister xD)
redyed my roots FINALLY!

and I bought a advent calendar for my sister xD

haha pretty or what? xDDD

and last but not least:

a necklace I share with my beloved sister ♥

bye bye ♪♪


  1. omg dein kätzchen sieht so süss aus *_*
    und die Kette is auch voll schön >_<

    Aber den Kalender! HAMMER! XD

  2. sag mal, wo gehst du eigentlich zur schule, wenn ich fragen darf? >_< xD

  3. Total süßes Kätzchen *-*

    Hört sich aber nach nem schönen ersten Schultag nach den Ferien an.

  4. Awww u have a very cutie bog ♥͜ ♥

  5. den kalender hast du bei tedi gekauft! XD