Sunday, October 10, 2010


hello ♪

second post today! YEAH ♥

first I wanna tell you how much I love
karma ♥

I was  alittle stressed so
I culdn't write anything about it yet..>_<

but here we go:

♥- like
♥♥- love
♥♥♥- LOVE 

01. chemical parade ♥
02.フォーリングダウン organic edit [falling down organic edit] ♥
03.零色 [zeroshiki] ♥♥♥
04.ケミカルパレードブルーデイ[chemical parade blueday] ♥♥♥
05.A. ♥♥♥
06.アイアムコンピュータ [I am computer] ♥♥
07.業 [karma] ♥
08.堕落 [corruption] ♥♥
09.サーカス [circus] ♥♥♥
10.ポラリス[polaris] ♥♥♥
11.ライオン [lion] ♥♥
12. 羽 [feather] ♥♥
13.約束 original lyric ver. [yakusoku original lyric ver.] ♥♥♥
14.フリージア karma edit [freesia karma edit] ♥
as you can see I'm really in love 
with this album ♪

my favorite song is circus ♪♪♪

yeah and 
today my sister & I made
some photos ♪

I don't know which I should post..D:
here are a few:

haha thats it for today ♪

tomorrow I have to
work again...don't want to
it's not because I'm to lazy but I feel 
totally queasy...*sigh*

ok bye bye ♪


  1. omigosh you are too cute! &your style is fantastic o.o <33

  2. wie gut du aussiehst *__*