Monday, August 9, 2010


hello my dears ♪♪♪

I'm at my flat right now so I have the 
time to make a new entry...
I know it's been a while...>_< sry!

I don't know how I should begin...Dx
so many things happened !

TAO♥ is here!
that's the best thing!!! * o *

we visited hambrug one day
and made some nice puris ♪♪♪


yeah and the rest of the week we
mostly drank and chilled out :D

tongue :3


me & my sister watched a korean
drama named "iris"

it was really, really good!
but the end was so sad ;_;

If you have to much time  you should
watch it! xD

I think that was everything for today!
I don't have much time now..>_< sorry!!

see ya! ♥

ps: tao~ falls du das liest und lust hast
morgen was zu machen schreib mir hier einfach n 
kommentar! ♥

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