Tuesday, August 31, 2010

headache (。>_<。)9

hello my dears ♪

I'm tired and very happy right now!

tired because school started!
yeah~ today was my second day~
my new class seems to be very nice!
I didn't talked to everyone yet...but I will! xD

and happy because:
today is the first day without headache...ö_ö
I had headache everyday for a week Dx
I was really stressed and had so much
worries (I still have some but that's nothing I
wanna talk about)~
yeah and my sister just told me
that she found a job for me!!*-*

tomorrow I'll have a 
job interview *nervous*

please!! I really need this job!
really, really, really!!

some pictures 
from the last weeks xD

a holder for my pierces!!
MONKEY!!!! * O * ♥
I got it from a really close friend ♥
I love u! and I miss you so much ;_;

I found this while cleaning 
my living room xD
I almost forget about it...
yukke ♥
  haha with my little sister ♥

ah and I finally registered at
the libary!

I think thats it for now!
see you soon ♥

nooo ich bin nicht bei despa ;_;
kein geld und keine lust auf dieses gedränge und bah Dx
aber wenn mucc (hoffentlich bald) kommen
sehen wir uns, nciht wahr? ♪♪♪


  1. Uh ich hoffe, das sie dich nehmen >W<
    *für dich die Daumen drück*

    und total süsse Bilder haha ♪

  2. ich drück dir die daumen für das vorstellungsgespräch!! >_<

    oh ja, dann sehen wir uns bestimmt X33

  3. Ich drück dir die Daumen für das Vorstellungsgespräch.

    Der kleine Affe ist echt total kawaii.