Friday, May 28, 2010

yeah :D

guten morgen :D

tao schläft gerade noch und deshalb wollte ich das mit euch 
teilen xD

100 questions for Yukke-lovers.

Q.1: Please give your name, location, and gender.

Sugimoto Yoshinori, Tokyo, Male

Q.2: Are you older than Yukke? The same? Younger?

I'm more than 750 years older than him

Q.3: Of course, you like Yukke the most out of MUCC don't you.

Not really!

Q.4: During lives, of course you stand at the left side of the stage don't you.

No, in the middle.

Q.5: Give 3 of Yukke's appealing points as adjectives.


Q.7: Do you tell people around you that you like Yukke?

I do

Q.10: When do you think that Yukke is really cool, or cute?

When I say something perverted and he looks happy

Q.11: What are Yukke's best and worst qualities?

Best:He's down to earth
Worst:He's miserable when drunk

Q.12: You've copied Yukke's makeup or hairstyle.

Of course not (laugh)

Q.17: Do you have Yukke posters or pictures decorating your room?

Why yes, of course.

Q.21: You're sensitive to words like mushroom or blood transfusion [yuketsu]. 

I don't even get the question

Q.22: You always eat yukke at a yakiniku restaurant.

That's true. I order it just to send a picture of it to Yukke.
Actually, I don't really like it.

Q.27: Your PC or cellphone wallpaper is of course Yukke.

There's been something close to that

Q.28: That or you even use his voice as your ringtone.

That's new! I'll do that

Q.34: You're so obsessed with Yukke that your boy/girlfriend has asked you "Who do you love more, me or Yukke?"

Tatsuro always asks me that

Q.37: Have you shown Yukke's picture to people who don't know him? Please share their reaction.

I've shown someone a MUCC live video
The reaction
"Hahaha, that's interesting"

Q.43: Say one thing about the blonde bowl cut.

When I was a kid I had that hairstyle

Q.44: If Yukke were to change his hairstyle, what would be good?


Q.46: What kind of clothes would you like to see him wear?


Q.48: Actually, he's strong isn't he.

He is pretty muscular.

Q.49: So you probably think it's gross?

Of course

Q.50: What physical part of Yukke do you like the best?

His knees or left elbow

Q.54: You wake up in the morning to find that you're Yukke. What will you do?

I would say to Miya-kun "I also have the spirit of a Leader, what should we do?"

Q.55: You have the ability to change into any MUCC member for a day (except Yukke). Who will you be and what will you do?

I would be Satochi and try punching everyone

Q.58: You can exchange one of your body parts for Yukke's. Which part will you chose?


Q.59: Yukke has given you a message. What do you want him to say to you?

I love you the most

Q.61: Out of the MUCC songs that Yukke composed (including collaborations) do you like the most?

Monster or Ame no Orchestra

Q.63: Okay, so the name of the first song that Yukke wrote both the music and lyrics to was....?

Ahh, that one huh

Q.64: Which song do you like to watch Yukke perform the most?

Probably that one

Q.65: What part of Yukke do you watch during a live?


Q.66: Please make your ideal setlist of 8 songs plus a 2-song encore.

This doesn't have anything to do with Yukke anymore...

1. Ageha
2. Fuzz
3. Gerbera
4. Kugatsu mikka no kokuin
5. Libra
6. Zetsubou
7. Utagoe
8. Freesia

1. Suimin
2. Daikirai

Q.85: If you had to express Yukke with a sound?


Q.90: Predict what Yukke will be like in 10 years.


Q.91: He's often surrounded by the other members, but which pair do you like the most?

Ta and Yu

Q.92: What about Tatsuro and Yukke?

It's not bad

Q.93: What about Miya and Yukke?

I don't really knowー

Q.94: What about Satochi and Yukke?

I like how stupid it is

Q.95: What do you think Yukke is to MUCC?

A neutralizer

Q.97: I know it's late, but please talk as much as you want about what you like about Yukke.

There's too many questions and I'm tired

Q.98: But, I'm not sure about this there a part like that?

The number of questions

Q.99: What do you wish of Yukke in the future?

I can't think anymore

Q.100: Then lastly, what is Yukke to you?

A friend

That's too long!!!!!!!Idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


wenn ich i-wann wieder in schwerin bin
und nicht an schlafmangel sterbe gibts einträge 
über alles hier <3 bis dann ~

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