Sunday, July 8, 2012

cham cham bear ♪ [picture heavy]

how are you?
it's been a while... 
this week on monday my lovely friend from bremen mio
visited me  
we had an awesome time but I'll write an entry
about that another time  
today I wanna show you my new friend:
I wanted this one so long  

here are some more pictures:

 you can use the skirt as a scrunchie  
here's a picture with chammie and the monchichi I got from
my sister:

 aww I love monchichis so much !

I found this giant monchichi in a toy store in bochum!
it was so expensive and huge !
here's a picture to show you how huge it was:
the peron next to the monchichi is my lovely taoboy and 
he's almost 1,90m ! 

haha and I know she'll hate me for writing this but
doesn't mi look like an monchichi?

hihi now I have to be prepared cause she's gonna kill me...
anyways I have some new pictures to show you  
here we go:

that's it for today  
have a nice time ~



  1. youve got the cutest face ti match your sweet style! <3

    1. oww thank you ♥
      but actually my face isn't cute it's just a lot of make up...haha..ha..

  2. aaaw..these pictures are supercute! ^^

  3. da monchichi ist suuuuuuuuuuuper süß *o* und die perücke hätt ich auch so gern, sie ist wunderschön Q^Q und du bist echt hübsch ♥

  4. this cham cham bear is absolutelly kawaii *___* you too,love ur tutu ^^

    1. yes ;//U//;) I love it! ♥ thank you !