Thursday, July 19, 2012

ASSIPINK[with inebiene]



how have you been?
this week was kinda weird...
at monday I got a call from work saying
that the shop, I usually work in had burned !

that was really shocking!
It will take 4 - 6 weeks to fix it  
until that time I have to work in another store of
our company !

but next week I will be on holiday
me and my family will go to lolland which is an danish isle

but that's not what I want to show you today !
I want to show you some pictures me & my friend INE
took for the Holiday Instant Visual (which is our band) subunit 

well my H.I.V. name is ThinkPink but my
ASSIPINK name is ASSIBLAU (blau is the
colour blue in german and I'm the blue one because it
rhymes with flau XD)


it was the first time for ine to dress up in fairy kei clothing...
I think she liked it a lot.

here are some pictures of ine:

and here are some of myself ( not many because
Ine was kinda blind without her glasses XD):

I wore my new ACDCrag skirt I bought from a friend ♥

and here are some pictures of ine and me :

that's all for today  
see you again after my holidays


oh I almost forgot to thank you (whoever made these) for
the valentines I got
really thank you so much !



  1. awwww süße fotos <3
    & der rock steht dir prima *_*

  2. you and your friend look like lovely pastel cotton candy clouds ^w^

    1. aww thank you ♥

      I just checked out your blog and you're really pretty ♥

  3. you look just beautiful and kawaii <3

  4. duhast von mir den "liebster blog award" bekommen ♥

    1. danke ;///U///;) wie lieb von dir ! ich werde einen post machen wenn ich zeit habe ♥

  5. awww the pictures, sooooooo cut =*_*=