Friday, February 11, 2011

plunge ♥

good morning   

I just looked at the pictures I
saved at my PC  
aaand I found so many
"plunge" fanarts (;///o///;)9
do you remember plunge?
I posted him in my blog before~
he's on of my OC's:

yeah and I really, really, really
want to show you
these awesome fanarts  
so here we go:

by anthrax  

by black_mitsuki  

by daiquiri  

by hikaru  

by jeychan  

by kur0chii  

by lashida  

by missyou  

by my-len  

by nightless 

by panxchi  

by ro_chan  

by sensi-chan  

by my sister  

by vox_noctem  

by waru  

and the following 
two were from my darling
she's really awesome!
visit her homepage
-->  here <--

yeah I'm the happiest girl ever  

and now I have to get ready 
for work...(;_;)

see you soon, my dears   

 @ tini: hah wie recht du doch hast!!
und natürlich bist du mein idol!
und ich bin dein fan nr. 0!

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