Thursday, December 30, 2010

ヾ( ' - '*) hellolololo ♪

hello ♪

I hope you had a nice christmas?

like I had~
I'm going to start with some pictures~

this was our christmas tree ヾ ^∇^

 my mom baked 3 cakes ♪

but I only have pictures
of two of them

 this was russian cake (my mom got the recipe 
from one of her co-workers) it was 
so so so delicious (。´∀`)ノ

cake with little christmas trees on a snowy landscape 
I didn't took
pictures of the presents I got from
my family but I got
money, a lot of disney stuff and so on~

but I took pictures of the presents I
got from pui ♥ (thank you so much)

cute little key chain ♥

and a nail dryer monkey ☆ \(o^▽^o)/
cuuuute ♥
haha and there is something else I wanna
show you...
my cat:

she became fat haha
  maybe you rember how she
looked a few months ago?

what else?

I got these lashes:

I wanna try them (ノ-^0^)ノ
I'll post the result ♪
yeah I have to work tomorrow ...
that means get up at 5am..(; o ;)~
yesterday I had to get up at 4.30 am 
because tao, pui and I went
to work at an inventory~

it was still dark outside:

but it was fun anyways and afterwards 
I spent the day with tao ♥
 everyday spent with precious people is a good day♥

yeah that's everything~
see you soon ♫♫

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  1. Wow your cat is still so cute! (。・ω・。)
    And the monkey is so awesome! xD Need one too! Hihi.