Monday, January 24, 2011

[100th post ] BREMEN ♪--> AWESOME TIME

hello ♪

it's been a while...again...*´○`)/

at first I wanna thank my new
followers *(≧〇≦)*
hello and thank you so much ♥
and of course also thanks for following to
my old follower *happy*

yeah today I wanna 
write something about
my trip to bremen on the 15.01.2011 ♪

I'm so happy that I could 
finally visit my lovely dear mio ♥
she met me at the
train station and at first we went 
to her home ♪

later we took the bus 
to a shoppingcenter called

our goal was "primark" ♥
we spent some hours shopping and
I bought A LOT! haha
(sorry no photos ハ( ̄、 ̄;))

later we decided to 
go to the cinema ~
we chose "burlesque" ♥

it was pure
awesomeness! (@^0^@)9

I could write so much more but
I have to do my homework (>_<);

at least a picture 

and one of myself haha

soon I'll write something
about the MUCC concert
and some stuff I bought  (*`・∀・)ノ
see you soon ♪♪♪


  1. *ENVIOUS*
    Primark, Primark, Primark!!!! I miss it so much, definitely one of the best shops ever... sadly, there's only that single one in Germany. I bought so many clothes there back then, when I was in England XDDD

    I am happy you had a great time in Bremen *_*/ And I hope you had fun at the concert last weekend, too... But, well, that's a given ;)


  2. I REALLY love your hairdo! <3