Tuesday, November 23, 2010

fuuuuuuuuuuuuu snow snow snow

SORRY!!! ( > _ < );
I didn't post for ages I think...

but I'm very stressed at the moment

first because of school...
so much homework and I'm getting insane because of 
maths...(why? just WHY?!)

but I have some really lovely and
funny classmates so I also have a lot 
of fun ♥

this is a picture of my classroom~
(it's lunchbreak I think...)


steffis back after our
little beautification ♥ xD

the second reason is my work~
I think it's fun but it's also pretty tiring..*sigh

 in my working clothes ♪

my sister is in the hospital I try to visit her as often as
I hope she'll be released soon ...

 what else?
I made this ring some days? weeks? months? (@_@)

aaand today we had the first snow~ (° _ °)
totally don't like winter!

I'm so excited ♥
on friday we (shaina♥tinschi♥ and I)
will visit tao ♥
and on saturday we will see
luna sea live ♪♪♪

so thats it for now ♪♫
bye bye (° A °)9 ♥


  1. aaaaaw♥
    So eine süsse Verkäuferin will ich auch antreffen ;3; ♥

    Ich wünsche deiner Schwester eine gute Besserung!
    Hoffe sie wird bald gesund! ♥

  2. OOOH GOOTT *__* Ich will diesen Ring haben! ist der süß x3''