Monday, June 21, 2010

hello again wonderful world ♪

hello everybody ♪

from now on I'll write my blog in english !
or should I say I'll try to write
my blog in english? xD

well~ let's start ☆
on saturday I met llil! ♥
we didn't see each other for
such a long time ;_;
I really missed her !!

we had a lot of fun * o *
talked alot and ate ice cream ♥

aaaand the watches my sister and I
ordered arrived finally!
they are sooo cute & cheap hehe xD

aren't they just love? ; o ; ♥

aaaaand finally I feel like a human again xD
sounds weird, huh?
but I got my new money card!
after 3 weeks!
3 fucking weeks Dx
but now I'm very, very happy * o *

and because of that I
bought some super delicious fried noodles ♥
schwerin is such a little city..
but I swear we have the best fried noodles ever!xDD
yummy! * q *

that was everything for today~
If something is wrong please tell me @@
maybe I can improve my english! *-*;;

bai bai ♥♥♥


  1. hihi du hast deinen neusten eintrag ja wirklich in englisch geschrieben :D
    & ich hab mich schonmal hier angemeldet xDD


  2. @misa yeah wir sind sooo gut :DD

    Aber wonderful mit nur einem L >DDDD
    So viel zum improven xD

  4. @ mio huch xD fuck und danke! /DD

  5. Kitty *OOOO*

    yo quierooo!!!! n3n